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 Georgina Pazcoguin 


"Art is important because it can suspend our disbelief. It has the ability to transcend the times we live in and give life to our dreams and imagination. Art is a crucial ingredient in the emotional food we all as humans crave and can not live fully without. 


In addition to all previously said, It's important to teach art because it stretches our minds. Teaching art makes an artist look at her calling differently."


Georgina Pazcoguin, also known as "The Rogue Ballerina", is a soloist for the New York City Ballet and has been with the company since 2001. Remarkably, she is New York City Ballet’s first Asian American and the first Filipina American woman, ever to be promoted to an upper tier. Best known for her portrayal of  Anita in the ballet adaptation of "West Side Story", Georgina has an impressive variety of roles she dances at NYCB. She is featured in the City.ballet AOL series and also featured in the SxSW award winning film NY: Export Opus Jazz.


Georgina is currently performing as Victoria in the first ever Broadway revival of "CATS". She made her Broadway debut performing Ivy in the musical revival, "On The Town". She also is a founding member of American Dance Machine for the 21st Century.


Georgina believes very strongly in philanthropy and activism and uses her platform to create change and to make a positive impact in the world.


Programs Visited:


BAILAMOR – Ballet Workshop – Donated Ballet Uniforms 

May 2017







photo credit, Susan Stripling Photography

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