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 Marcela Baquero 


" Life is art, if you know how to discover it, of each object that we take and can transform it with our hands, feet or mouth like so many painters or musicians. Art abstracts us and takes us to another imaginary place where our being can rest and the most important thing is to know how to give art in all its manifestations to those who need it the most. 


Art for children is the best, most powerful tool to express their feelings. It is so that through art in children we can know their world intensely. Behaviors, visions, emerge that they are not yet able to decipher and thanks to art this becomes possible. Magical."


Born in a family of generations of winemakers from Mendoza Argentina, Marcela Baquero was destined to live a life of creativity. Marcela studied at the National University of Cuyo and received an Arts Degree in ceramics art.


Working at her and her sisters rural inn in 2002, after a conversation with French guests who shared with her the kindness of the grapes which are gold nuggets for the skin. Her cosmetics company, Cosmetica Baquero, was born. Marcela’s family has been linked to viticulture for over 130 years and she feel the grapes as a natural environment.


Cosmetica Baquero recently was named internationally as the official natural skin care line made of grapes and olive oil in Argentina.


Programs Visited:


DISEÑAMOR – Skincare Creation Workshop 

Feb 2018

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