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 Randy Luna 


" I have been teaching for over a decade for 6 days a week. It is something in me that finds gratitude in teaching and giving back to the community. Of course every student is also a teacher and I am always inspired by them, their strength and what they have to offer to the world. I stand for humanity and helping one another, this is why I have been teaching since my late teens and I am forever grateful to have been given this journey."


Randy Luna graduated from Brooklyn College with a dual degree in Business Management and theater. Working with a multitude of arts education organizations and public schools, Randy has taught dance to over two thousand inner-city youth and continues to teach in NYC Special Schools District 75. Additionally, he works as a creative director/Stylist for artists on their music videos, photo shoots, and promotional events. He continues to gain attention for his refined yet visceral style and is building a name in the fashion world for his one of a kind statement jewelry and wardrobe pieces. His design company named after him Randy Luna, has received an abundance of press coverage with magazines, TV, and Celebrities; but he continues to give back to the community as is his purpose.


Programs Scheduled:

MODAMOR – Fashion Design Workshop 

BAILAMOR - Hip-Hop & Salsa Workshop



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