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ARTEAMOR is founded

Ever since Dilia Jelen was a young girl she has wanted to give back to those in need, specifically young children. At 12 she decided she would adopt an orphan and at 16 she knew her life dream was to start an orphanage (or a few) that was a School of the Arts. This school would provide quality arts educations that could lead to scholarshps and sponsors for children from all over the world.

Years later in 2012 she would meet Andrew B Stein, founder of the Orphaned Starfish Forundation and her dream of working with orphaned children would become a reality. Through her visits to the children she would see a need for artistic expression and extracurricular activities in these orphanages, schools and community centers. She decided that rather than have one orphanage she could reach many more children by providing quality arts workshops with professional teaching artists.

On August 22nd, 2013 ARTEAMOR was officially born.

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