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Manuela Rana returns to the Dominican Republic with Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith and Carmine V

What an incredible trip!! Manuela Rana returned to Niños y Niñas de Cristo in La Romana, Dominican Republic and the children were over the moon with joy. Also joining her on the trip was choreographer and dancer to the stars, Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith and Italian guitarist, Carmine Valente.

Manuela gave the children a Night Photography lesson. They learned all the appropriate settings right away and also how to customize them so they could get the look they wanted.

She even taught little Angelo how to take photos.

Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith taught a hip-hop workshop. She taught them the fundamentals of Hip-Hop and the roots, the history of how the movement began.

They were so excited to meet of of "Shakira's Dancers" and quickly realized she could teach them more that they thought. All of the children had smiles on their faces. Chi-Chi did too.

Carmine donated 2 guitars and gave lessons to a select few who really wanted to learn the instrument. They learned whole songs in a few days!

One of the Guitars was donated by Michelle Lopez, Mami Sonia's niece.

It was one of the most succesful trips and workshops to date! We love these children and are always blown away by how quickly they learn and by how creative they are.

We gifted them 2 guitars, guitar chord & music books, 1 Nikon SLR camera (thank you Manuela) & an extensive music list from the beginning of Hip-Hop to present day hip-hop.

Learn more about these ARTEAMOR artists HERE.

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