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 Valentina Rosenthal 


" Art is the engine of our creativity, it is culture, love, and inspiration. It is food for the soul and beauty for our eyes. Art connects us with our essence, with our dreams, and confronts our fears. Making art is a way of expressing the deepest of our being, sometimes with joy and sometimes with grief, sometimes for ourselves and at other times, for the public. The fact is that it allows us to be free of mind and opens our path.


In particular, the art of jewelry is important to teach because it not only nourishes the spirit and makes you a better person, but also allows you to learn a trade that tomorrow could be your livelihood without needing anyone else. Engaging a relationship with a material and transforming it into a jewel is a magical process, which gives you the power to transform what you want into something beautiful, it is Alchemy for the body and mind. To teach children for me is to continue learning and to continue to transform this world into a better place."


Valentina Rosenthal was born in Santiago de Chile. After completing various jewelry courses at the School of Applied Arts Fire Crafts she decided to start her formal jewelry and artifact design studies at the prestigious jewelery and watchmaking school, Goldschmiedeschule Porzheim, Germany .


Her work is a constant search and an experimental exercise in which she uses different techniques and materials freely to achieve a unique language through jewelry. Dreams, culture, nature, color and fragments of life are some of the concepts that are inspired and explored.


Her work has been part of important exhibitions such as: “Think Twice” (Museum of Art and Design - Tallinn, Estonia), “Creo Que Dos Veces” (Hilversum, Holland), "JOYA VIVA" (RMIT Gallery - Melbourne, Australia, Chile and New Zealand), “201 – New American American Jewelry” (Bellevue Museum of Art - Seattle, Washington, USA), "Think Twice” (MAD Museum - New York City, USA), "Caminando Por La Zona Gris” (Emilia Cohen Gallery in Mexico City), "Logo" (Jewelry Museum in Pforzheim, Germany), among others.


Programs Visited:


MODAMOR – Jewelry Design Workshop – Donated Stones & Drill

June 2017


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