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 Vania Thomas Muñoz 


" Art."

Vania Thomas Muñoz is a native of the city of Colima, Mexico and began singing at an early age. She has toured Europe with the Ballet Folklorico de la Universidad de Colima performing folkloric music, winning several international folkloric competitions, which has undoubtedly allowed her to immerse herself in different cultures and enrich her musical background. She has participated in several courses and workshops with recognized artists such as Urpi Barco, Mariachi Camperos and Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, Arturo Báez, Saúl Cobián, Tom Kessler, Krizzloop, Yahir Montes, María Compás, among others, which has allowed her to perfect her vocal technique and expand her artistic skills significantly.

She participated in the first record production of the group Macehual through the National Fund for Culture and Arts. Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA), in 2009, an outstanding achievement that highlights her contribution to the music scene. In addition, their presentations in emblematic venues such as the Palace of Fine Arts, St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, the Royal Academy of the Vatican, the Royal Academy of the Arts in England, the Memorial Auditorium in the United States, the Carlos Marx Theater in Cuba, the Shanghai Art Theatre in China, the Coliseo de la Ciudad in Ecuador, and at various international festivals and events such as the Volcano and international events such as the Volcano Festival in Colima, the Portugalete International Folk Festival in Spain, the Festival del Colibrí Zurdo Huitzilin Lenguas Indígenas 2023 in Manzanillo and the Sàbora Fest in Colima, among others, are a testimony of her global reach and versatility as a performer.

Recently, her participation as co-composer of the official theme song for the Festival del Volcan Festival del Volcán 2023 edition in Colima, and her collaboration with the Museo Regional de History and the Colectivo Serendipia Cine de Colima in the workshop Luz, Cámara, Serendipia demonstrate her creativity and diversity in the world of the arts. With her extensive experience in voice, she has stood out for her national and international participations collaborating in the musicalization of high level plays support her position as a complete artist with a passion for music.

Likewise, her interest in cultural management has led her to connect diverse presentations, both of her own her own presentations as well as those of other artistic groups. She is currently the founder, vocalist and manager of the Vania Thomas Band, a musical project of classic musical project of classic covers in which she fuses boleros, bossa nova, funk, rancheras, sones, jazz and sones, jazz, folk and others.


Programs Visited:

PROYECTO AMIGO in Cofradía de Suchitlan, Colima, Mexico

ACTAMOR – Acting Workshop – Donated

Supported by Feminine Weapon & PULSE Community

June 2024 

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