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 Carmine Valente 


" I feel that having an impact on the life of people is something which can make a huge difference. Some people are lucky because they have the opportunity to learn and discover, other people don't have these opportunities. I myself had the opportunity to discover, learn and be inspired and I feel the least I can do is try to give my knowledge to those less fortunate and hope they too will be inspired and that this will have an impact on their life."


Carmine Valente is from Molfetta, Italy. Since he was a child he has studied music and photography.


He started shooting photography at 15 with a rangefinder he received as a gift from his father, Vincenzo Valente.

He graduated in Computer Science at the University of Bari and while he was developing his business career, he continued to cultivate his education and love of fine arts. He studied Jazz and Blues guitar extensively with Roberto D'elia. In Milan he started his photography studies attending different classes and workshops and continuing to observe the work of his favorite reference photographers: Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Ferdinando Scianna, and the work of the photographers of the Magnum Photo Agency.

He has lived in Rome, Bergamo, Milan & New York and travels internationally within Europe, the U.S. and Africa. Carmine has had the opportunity to play on different stages in throughout Italy & the U.S. In cities such as Bari, Rome and Milan & New York City with several artists.

Today Carmine lives in New York City and and is continuing to work on his ongoing projects. He is currently writing original music and is shooting and studying photography, mostly photo journalism with a particular passion for monochrome film photography.


His favorite camera is a Leica M4 and he shoots with 35mm, 90mm and 50mm lenses.


Programs Visited:

NIÑOS Y NIÑAS DE CRISTO in La Romana, Dominican Republic

MUSICAMOR – Guitar Workshop – Donated 2 Guitars

November 2015 & 2016

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