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 Karen Sterling 


" Art allows us to witness one another. Through art, there is an intimacy that is created one cannot express through written words; it’s a visceral influence. Through that visceral influence, our ideas are expressed visually and emotionally, allowing us to influence the world—one perception at a time."


Born into a photography family, Karen has always been a passionate artist. Having studied Graphic Design, Photography and Communication at SUNY in Fredonia she received a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. In London, England she attended the Imperial college CAPA University of London studying Digital Media. Furthering her education, Karen mastered Photography and Lighting at the ICP Internal Center of Photography.


Karen has worked with such news agencies as NBC where her work was seen on several occasions including the Emmy Winning television program Dateline. She also worked in investigative journalism with Telemundo. Known for her live photography, Karen worked for years on the Molson Concert Circuit as a photographer and videographer. Some of her clients include: ESPN, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, Hundred Acres, Reebok, Fusion (ABC). She is also a NYC Fashion Week photographer staple. Karen is also a photographer with Mark Nelson Photography shooting film and digital photography for high-end events. A lover of other artists, Karen photographs several performing artists and well as directs music videos. Karen is a proud member of the APA.


Karen is also an accomplished painter.



Programs Visiting:

HELO Haiti in Labourde, Haiti

CINEAMOR – Film Workshop, Donating Professional Cameras

February 2018


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