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Prince Riley & Manuela Rana in the Dominican Republic

This past June ARTEAMOR's Prince Riley and Manuela Rana travelled to the Doinican Republic to meet and teach the children of Niños y Niñas de Cristo in La Romana.

Prince taught a dance workshop which the children LOVED. Most of them watch Music Video choreography through You Tube and can mimic it to a tee. They LOVE to dance! Morning, noon and night!

He also was so impressed with how well the boys could dance! They picked up the choreography right away. The boys also love to freestyle and showed Prince all their moves.

Manuela taught a Photography Workshop which the girls were so excited about. They all love to pose but wanted to learn everything they could from Manuela or as they all call her, Manu.

They learned about composition, focus, portraits, posing and they all took turns and helped each other.

The children really loved this experience as did Prince and Manuela and they cannot wait to to all see eachother again. Thankfully, Orphaned Starfish has computers with internet so they can Skype and take the video classes that will soon be offered by ARTEAMOR artists.

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