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 Dilia Jelen 


"Art is what gives color to life. Teaching art, the ability to create without judgement, allows one to feel true freedom which is priceless. All humans deserve to feel free and be able to see what comes from their own selves. "


DILIA is an international artist based in New York City and Mexico. A proud member of SAG AFTRA and a graduate of the prestigious Circle In The Square Theatre School Conservatory in  New York City––where she was awarded a scholarship by the American Theatre Wing––DILIA has  performed in over twenty countries around the world, including Nepal, Cambodia and Ethiopia. An  accomplished vocalist, songwriter, actor and dancer, audiences have encountered her work  through live performance, theatre, film, television and more.  

Her upcoming album, De Donde Vengo, is a tribute to her Mexican roots, combining American  music of the 50s, 60s and 70s with the regional Mariachi sounds of Jalisco. In addition to her solo  work, she and Yahir Montes form the duo Two In Love. Their first album, Bésame Bonito, will be  released in summer 2024, and includes original songs in a variety of latin genres including boleros, ballads and Mexican rancheras. DILIA is the bandleader of the international music collective,  ALMALUNA, whose work during the pandemic in 2020 was highlighted in an Emmy-award  nominated segment on Nueva York by Carmen Vidal.  

In addition to her artistic work, DILIA is actively engaged with public philanthropy. She has  performed for patients in hospice care, children’s hospitals and cancer treatment centers in the  New York metro area through Music That Heals and HAI. She is the founder of ARTEAMOR  (, a non-profit organization that provides artistic workshops to children in more than  29 countries. She spent a decade traveling to some of the most vulnerable and dangerous places  in the world to work with and perform for child abuse survivors and orphaned children. 



Programs Visited:


MUSICAMOR – Songwriting Workshop – Donated Speaker & Journals

PINTAMOR - Painting Workshop - Donated Paint & Brushes

March 2024 & April 2024


PROYECTO AMIGO in Cofradia de Suchitlan, Colima

ACTAMOR – Acting Workshop - Donated  

Supported by Feminine Weapon & PULSE Community

June 2024

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